How to Temporarily Fix a Broken Sunroof [The Most Efficient Method] in 2023

In lots of romantic movies, we have seen many charming moments with open sunroofs. Sometimes, we desire to enjoy such things. But the saddest thing is that life doesn’t go according to our plan. Instead of enjoying a romantic moment, we have to deal with how to temporarily fix a broken sunroof. 

A broken sunroof can be a soul-taker if we don’t take the initial steps. Instead of capturing charming moments, a broken sunroof can be a great nightmare. But the relaxing fact is that temporarily fixing a broken sunroof can solve your problem. 

So, without further ado, let’s check out why a broken sunroof is dangerous and how to temporarily fix a broken sunroof.

What Is Broken Sunroof and Its Causes?

The broken sunroof is the phase where a glass-made sunroof turns into a shattered or damaged state. Due to the poor structure and critical step of that material, it occurs. Since it is one of the most beautiful parts of your car, breaking it is definitely regrettable.

There are many types of sunroofs, depending on the car. Some cars come with sunroofs, which is pretty common. However, we don’t see the moonroof that much. People don’t even know the difference between a sunroof and a moonroof

Causes for Broken Sunroof

There are so many reasons to break the sunroof of your vehicle. We have broken down some of the notable reasons. Regardless of the cause, you must understand how to fix a cracked sunroof.

  1. Misconfigured Windshield

A significant reason for your nightmare is a misconfigured windshield. We use windshields to protect the sunroof from powerful airflow or maintain minimal airflow at the top of the roof. But if we configure it the wrong way, it will cause a broken sunroof. 

Extreme pressure is created on the roof because air flows the wrong way. When the sunroof reaches a critical point of stress, it causes cracks and shatters. No matter how strong that sunroof is, a misconfigured windshield can cause a big disaster. 

  1. Cheap Product Sunroof

Many of us go with cheap products to save some money. Ultimately, you will get nothing but messing up with your car. Cheap products last only a short time. They are also built with weak structures. 

A cheap sunroof is just nothing but a showoff. It is just a massive waste of money. 

  1. Mechanical Malfunction 

You know, a full sunroof is dependent on a single motor. That motor controls the ON/OFF process. If that motor is jammed or misoperated, it will cause the sunroof to shatter. Besides, a motor malfunction can gradually weaken the glass. 

Many of us are so careless. We don’t check our mechanical motor or sunroof. Consequently, accidents take place. 

  1. Electrical Malfunction 

Due to careless charging management, almost 25% of users face accidents.

It seems pretty shocking, but it is a significant fact. Due to the high voltage flow during charging or lighting, the sunroof can be shattered. Excessive electrical flow makes the glass particles unstable. So, it starts to weaken. 

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Replace the Sunroof with Plexiglass 

Yep, you can get a temporary solution by replacing the sunroof with plexiglass. With some refurbished products, you can get a better solution for your car. Let’s look at these steps: 

  • Step 1: Fix the Porting Spot

At the very end of the break, drill a tiny hole with a delicate opening. Nevertheless, the entire windshield is widened when you drill the tiny opening at the farthest point of your scope. 

This will keep the break from spreading further down the windscreen. However, the introduction ought to be sufficiently small to adjust the brake arm but not large enough to break the windshield.

  • Step 2: Filled With Plexiglass

To strengthen the whole structure, fill the crack with some good quality plexiglass specialized adhesive. If you compare it with water, this element is thin. So, you must be careful with this paste. 

The best idea for using this paste is to use an adhesive gun or injector. This will help you not waste your paste and efficiently utilize it. 

  • Step 3: Crack Sealing 

It is the perfect time to seal the crack. Using a rotary polisher, you can do it perfectly. First of all, place a buff foam pad that is available on the market. The best position is the polisher’s head. Hold it tenderly to the hole, turn it on, and begin at the slowest speed until you get the hang. 

Move it just far enough to uniformly smooth the fixed break against the remaining Plexiglas windshield.

  • Step 4: Finalization 

Now insert the main Plexiglass. After a couple of hours, use Plexiglass cleaner for transparent finishing. 

Replace the Sunroof with Metal 

A metal part can be another crucial element to be replaced with your sunroof. But the thing is, you have to know the right way to replace it. Let’s go through it: 

  • Step 1: Identify the Problem

The first step to fixing any broken metal item is identifying the problem. The most common causes of cracks are heat, cold, impact, and corrosion. The type of crack you need to look for depends on the damage.

For instance, if you want to repair a cracked stovetop, you will need to look for a crack on the stovetop that runs along the circumference of the unit. If your stovetop has a small break running across the middle, you most likely need to look at repairing a crack on a burner assembly instead. 

  • Step 2: Clean the Surface

The next step is to clean the surface to remove any dirt or debris causing the damage. The cleaner the surface, the easier it will be to repair the material. There are many ways to clean a character, but one of the easiest is to use a degreaser to wipe down the area before you begin your repairs. Once you have cleaned the surface, you can repair the material. 

  • Step 3: Prepare the Surface for Repair

After cleaning the surface, the next step is to prepare the area for repair. There are several ways you can do this, depending on the problem you are dealing with. In the case of small cracks, you will need to create a smooth surface for the epoxy to adhere to. You can sand the surface using sandpaper or a buffing machine. 

  • Step 4: Apply the Epoxy

Once the surface has been prepared, you can begin to apply the epoxy to the damaged area.

FAQ: How to Temporarily Fix a Broken Sunroof

Here are some commonly asked questions regarding how to fix a cracked sunroof. We did our best to provide the most accurate answers. 

How do you close a sunroof that won’t close?

Press the button that controls the sunroof forward to close it if it is open, and then release the button. Press and hold the button again until the sunroof tilts and moves a little, then remove the switch. This can take about 10-15 seconds.

What do you do if your sunroof won’t open?

Check for debris or erosion. Try turning the motor shaft to see if it spins. If it doesn’t turn, most likely, the motor is stuck inside. The motor rotates, and the contacts in the engine may be charred.

Have You Fixed a Broken Sunroof?

So, to enjoy romantic moments with an old car, you must learn how to temporarily fix a broken sunroof efficiently. Without knowing them, your journey will turn into a nightmare. We guess you have learned how to fix a broken sunroof with the guidelines that we mentioned above. Drive safely and try not to break your car’s sunroof.

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